Foam Brain

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In 2009, a group of like minded entrepreneurs who ran Live Action Roleplaying Games at conventions were looking for ways to expand into other areas in the industry and came up with the idea of selling board games at conventions. From there, Foam Brain Games was born!

Their first convention appearance started with a single 10ft by 10ft booth at ConnectiCon in 2009. They quickly decided that it would be a fun idea to carry a small selection of premium dice at conventions - Then, they were hooked!

It soon became their mission to bring interesting, dynamic and high quality dice to convention goers all over the world! They began carrying dice from every manufacturer and expanding our products to include a variety of different dice styles and accessories.

Later in 2013, they were excited to announce that Foam Brain was the first company ever to run a Kickstarter for Metal RPG dice. They called this first line of our dice "Foam Brain Metals". Since then, 7 years has passed and Foam Brain has run 13 Kickstarters, expanded their premium dice selection and added a whole bunch of new products to their inventory. They also host pin trading programs at major conventions all over the United States, attended over 500 cons, and have sold over 1 million sets of dice.