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“There is one product and one product alone that initially convinced us to stock Foam Brain dice, and that’s their Pride Dice range.

Being an out and proud lesbian, perhaps I’m a little biased, but queer representation is incredibly important. You should know that there are also more of us than ever, recent polls show that around 25% of young adults in the UK identify as non-straight. This is likely to be an underestimate. If you are wondering why, then perhaps consider how in the 1900s left handedness was heavily stigmatised, once that stopped, a generation later in the 1970s the number of left handed people quadrupled. I’m sure you’d agree that it’s worth trying to capture 25% of the market.

Queer people notice things, we have to. We notice the copies of Harry Potter games on your shelves, we notice the rainbow flag that goes up in your shop during pride, and we notice if still up once pride ends. We are used to noticing the small signs that tell us whether we are safe in your shop, and while a small selection of pride merchandise might be unassuming to a straight customer, to queer customers it’s a klaxon call that this is a place where we can feel safe. And where we feel safe, we come back, and when we come back, we spend money.

It constantly lifts my spirits to see young queer people coming into the Ludoquist and drooling over the pride dice. They may not buy them, though certainly some do, but they always buy something."

Amy Dickinson, Games Manager